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    Frequently asked questions – FAQ

    At Man Cave Auctions, we take the bidding process seriously. Here is the general progress of an auction on our platform:

    1. The seller submits an item or a car via our online form. The car or item is then accepted or rejected by our team
    2. Our Team writes an honest descriptive sheet that displays as much the qualities as the defects of the article. The whole is based on information received from the seller.
    3. Events or auctions have an average duration of 10 days.

    The basic registration fee for the seller is $ 99. We also offer premium packages with writing and photo editing services.
    Here is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at info@mancaveauctions.com

    General questions

    In which currency are your transactions?

    Our transactions are in Canadian dollars.

    How can I register as a buyer?

    You can create your account by clicking here.

    How can I change my password ?

    It is possible to change your password on the My Account page.

    I lost my password, how can I recover it?

    You can reset your password here. You will then receive an email with the procedure.

    How can I contact you?

    You can write to us at info@mancaveauctions.com.

    Frequently Asked Questions from sellers

    How can I submit a vehicle or an item?

    You can submit your vehicle or article using our online form by clicking here. A member of our team will review your request and contact you within 48 business hours. A draft bid based on the information received will be submitted to you for final approval.

    How much does it cost to post my vehicle or collector's item on Man Cave Auctions?

    The fee is $ 99. We reserve the right to refuse a car or an item that does not meet our standards. You only pay if your car or collector item is accepted. The base fee is charged regardless of whether the item or the car is selling or not. A seller’s fee of 5% of the final sale price is charged to the seller.

    When will my vehicle or item be online?

    For now, the site is based on fixed-term events or auctions. Your ad will be published in the next event. The validation and writing process takes about a week. This delay may be longer if the Premium package with writing and taking pictures is selected.

    What happens after the auction? How the money trade and how am I paid?

    The transaction is between the buyer and the seller. At the end of the auction, the details of the buyer and seller will be sent via email. For collectibles, information about the seller’s methods of payment will be displayed in the item description. For vehicles, we suggest that the seller send a photocopy of the records and a sales contract before the buyer makes his payment and taking possession of the vehicle.

    What is a reserve and how does it work?

    A reserve is the minimum amount at which an item or vehicle will be sold. We do not display the reserves, nor when they are reached, but work hard with the sellers to have realistic reserves. No reserve auctions are identified.

    Can I change the description of my article?

    Additional information can be submitted before the start of the auction. Once the auction has begun, it is not possible to modify the listing.

    Who writes the articles or vehicles listings?

    We offer 2 services, the basic package includes an essay based on the information provided by the seller. The premium package includes historical and exhaustive research on the model and an official draft by a member of the automotive press. The photo shooting service is also included in the premium package.

    Can I re-post an item or an unsold vehicle?

    Instead of relisting, we suggest that you display your item or vehicle at no additional charge for 90 days in a standard classified ad format with asking price and the opportunity to receive an offer.

    How does shipping work?

    Shipping is the responsibility and at the expense of the buyer. For vehicles, we can recommend specialized carriers

    Do you only accept vehicles from Canada?

    We accept items and vehicles from everywhere.

    Can I reduce my reserve?

    Once the auction is completed, if the reserve price is not reached a negotiation process with a member of our team is possible.

    What kind of photos should I take?

    The quality and quantity of photos are paramount to the success of a vehicle’s auction.

    Can I cancel my listing?

    We don’t cancel an active auction. We also ask that the vehicle not be displayed elsewhere during the auction.

    Frequently Asked Questions from buyers

    How can I register to place bids?

    You can create your account on this page. A valid email will be required. A valid credit card must be registered to the account to bet.

    How does the auction process work?

    You enter the amount you wish to bet. If the auction is still active and your amount is higher than the other bids you will become the highest bidder. This is the amount you agree to pay if you win the auction.

    What happens at the end of an auction?

    The 5% buyer fee is charged to the card registered in the buyer’s account. The transaction for the auction will take place between the buyer and the seller.

    The details of the buyer and seller will be exchanged via email. For vehicles, we suggest that the seller send a photocopy of the records and a sales contract before the buyer makes his payment and taking possession of the vehicle.

    What is the buyer fee?

    The buyer fee is 5% of the final winning bet.

    How does shipping work?

    Shipping is the responsibility and at the expense of the buyer. For vehicles, we can recommend specialized carriers.

    Why is there a charge or an amount withheld on my card?

    During your initial bet, a hold of 5% of the initial amount is applied to the card. If you win the auction, the 5% buyer fee will be charged and the holdback will be released. If you do not win, the hold will be released. Your banking institution can take up to a few days before releasing the funds.

    Which credit cards do you accept?

    We accept all well established credit cards

    Can I cancel my bid?

    No, it is not possible to cancel a bid. It is therefore important to pay attention.

    How to know if there is a reserve?

    We identify unreserved auctions as so. For auctions with reserve, no information is disclosed on the amount of a reserve, or if it has been reached.